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Terry Junga May 24, 2011 Community Help

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST before submitting your ticket.  This are will answer most of the questions we get within our support desk.  If you don't see your answer here, you can submit your ticket.  Thank you.

Q1.  Are there any upfront fees? 
Response:  No, there are no upfront fees charged by us to enroll in one of our plans.

Q2.  Is there a fee to cancel? 
Response:  If you do cancel with MCE after the FREE unconditional cancellation period period and before your term expiration date, there could be a penalty fee of $50 to $100, depending on when you cancel and when you enrolled.

Q3.  Is gas typically cheaper in the summer? 
Response:  Most often your gas bill will be cheaper in the summer. The usage is typically low as compared to the colder months when your furnace must run to keep your home at a the temperature you set your thermostat at. Normally customer do not run their furnaces during the warmer months.

Q4.  What is ccf and mcf?
Response:  That is the way your gas usage is measured. You will see your usage amount with either ccf or mcf next to it. Ccf stands for “per one hundred cubic feet” and Mcf stands for “per one thousand cubic feet.”

Q5.  After enrolling, when will my new rate begin on my gas bill? 
Response:  The start date is determined by the utility company and is usually within one to two billing cycles.

Q6.  After enrolling, how does my bill change?  What will it look like?
Response:  The only change to your bill would be the “GAS COST RECOVERY” Charge, which is the supplier energy charge.  This would be replaced by “MY CHOICE ENERGY.”  That is the only change you'll see on your bill.

Q7.  When enrolling, what exactly am I agreeing to?
By enrolling into one of the My Choice Energy fixed rate plans, you agree to have My Choice Energy as your supplier for the terms of that agreement. My Choice Energy will become your gas supplier and only replace the “GAS COST RECOVERY” charge or the “ENERGY” charge on your bill. You will still receive the bill from your regular gas company each month. 

Q8.  Why am I being billed twice? 
Response:  All customers are billed for their gas usage and also to distribute the gas to your home. You will see a charge for your “gas” which is your usage amount(ccf or mcf)  X  your gas rate, and that will be your “gas” charge only.

100 Ccf @ $0.439 = $43.90
10 Mcf @ $4.39 = $43.90

This will appear on your bill as a “Gas Cost Recovery Charge” or an “Energy Charge.

You will also see your “transportation” charge.  The “transportation” charge is your usage amount (ccf or mcf) X the transportation rate. The transportation rate is charged by the utility and is charged on ALL customer bills whether you are on the Gas Choice Program or if you receive your gas from your utility.

100 Ccf @ 0.163440 = $16.34
10 Mcf @ 1.63440 = $16.34

This will appear on your bill as a “Distribution Charge.”

**Note the distribution charge is charged by the utility company ONLY.

Q9.  What happens when my contract expires? 
Response: About 60-90 days before your contract expires you will receive a letter from us with a new rate offer to renew your contract. If you are happy with the service from My Choice Energy then you can sign up for another term.  If we do not hear from you and since we cannot cancel you, you would continue with MCE in a month to month program.  You can however choose to go back into a fixed rate again.  Also, if you choose to cancel at that time, there will not be any penalty fees.  If you do not wish to renew your contract, then you must notify us verbally or in writing that you would like to cancel your contract.

Q10.  Do you have customer incentives for signing up?
Response:  I’m sorry not at this time.

Q11.  Will this save me money on my bill?
Response:   I can’t guarantee any savings but I will guarantee your rate will not change during your contract term.  If you’d like to give me your usage I can give you an example of what you would be paying with MCE and you can compare rates.

Q12. If I can get a better rate from another supplier while under contract with MCE, will you match that rate?

Response:  I apologize that I cannot make that decision, but I will speak with the supervisor and make a decision on a case-by-case basis.

Terry Junga May 24, 2011 Announcements

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